Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So Mavrick has been 4 for a little over a week. Not much has changed. His birthday party was a blast as you can expect. My child has so many people that love him! We love them just as much. Awwwww.
One of the great quotes of the party came from Mavrick after He and Jenica got the homemade ice cream going. This is their 'thing' that they do together. After the stuff had been churning for a while, Mav went in to check on it. He comes running outside and says "Jenica! I checked the ice cream and it smells BEAUTIFUL!" That certainly got some giggles from the group.
My dear friends Holly and Wayne and their little ones, Austin and Zane got Mav a hermit crab from Mississippi. Can I just say how freakin cute those suckers are! It's name is Mavrick James. How original is that? Ahh my child.
My older brother my have had a momentarily slip of sanity when he filled Mavs watering can with candy. Dude, your kid is turning 1 in June. He may not be able to eat candy yet, but you can, and I curse you by assuring your ass gets fat. HA!
This morning there was the classic Stones vs Beatles debate going on FaceBook. I figured I would at least ask Mavrick his thoughts since these are his 2 favorite bands ever. Wow. My child looked at me with such confusion. You mean people don't know which is better? Wait. One is better than the other? Wait. No. Noooo. He solved the age old question pretty simply. They're both the best. Duh.
Well I'm going to try and figure out how to actually change my blogs name. Hopefully I am able to blog a bit more frequently, life is busy!

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