Thursday, February 23, 2012

Camp Out!

Hey! Want to come to a campout? Evidently Mavrick has planned one and already started inviting kids from school. I wonder if he knows that I'm only one person and more that 2 kids staying here at a time requires more xanax than Whitney Houston could take... I love kids and most the time my motto is "The more the merrier." However, that motto doesn't mean, hey 3 year olds, party over here! Not to seem antisocial or anything.
Mav turns 4 on March 26th. What kind of things do most kids that age ask for as far as gifts go? Mine wants an iPad, camping equipment and supplies for building. Ha! He said iPad. I didn't get one until I was 29 and I only got mine because I paid for it. I was chatting with my boyfriend about it and I said mine only cost $800. He laughed at me and said "that's more than my truck."
How come everyone on kids TV shows sings like they're Christina Aguilera? How come they always wear the same clothes everyday too? I wear the same thing everyday, but I'm lazy and hate shopping. What's their excuse?

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