Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kitty haircuts

My cat thinks that he is a Bulldog. Seriously. He is bowlegged, eats dog food, and, can hold his own when wrestling with my 80lb dog. Another great thing about my cat is that he doesn't mind a good haircut now and then. I didn't know this until last night. I was busy cooking dinner when the quiet ensued. Like most parents know, quiet is usually bad. I sneaked over to Mav's door and peeked inside the windows. At first, all I noticed, was the cat laying on the train table, peaceful, and Mav seemingly petting him. Then I noticed the craft scissors. Did you know those suckers can cut hair? Well now you do!
I asked my son what he was doing. He was giving the cat a "style". My cat was letting him too. Enjoying it even. So now, my beautiful cat has patches of holes in his beautiful hair. This is one of those moments when laughing is inappropriate. Completely unavoidable, inappropriate none the less.
I think my son may spend too much time in the salon. I'm just waiting for the day when I fall asleep and wake up with a new "style". Oh boy! I can't wait!

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