Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mick Jagger

I love food. Unabashedly. So. I don't understand how most the time getting my child to eat is reacted to as though I've asked him to rip his own eyes out with his toenails. Seriously, it's that bad for him. I'm a pretty damn good cook too. Plus, I'm Italian. Italian women love to see people eat. Anyone that has been to my house knows that not much makes me happier than feeding people.
Mav has chapped cheeks. I love when that happens because I get to put the super thick white balm on his cheeks which makes him look like he has clown makeup on. This morning he was complaining to me about how he wished he did'nt have such a mean Mom. I find myself often saying the whole, you'll thank me when you're older, and I'm not your friend, I'm your Mom stuff. Everyone says that they'll never end up acting like their Mother. I'm totally guilty of saying it, I'm also guilty of TOTALLY being like my Mother. At this point in my life, however, I'm not real concerned with it. My Mom kicks ass, I'm glad that I'm like her. I'm willing to bet that one day, my kiddo is gonna feel the same way about me. Well, either that, or he will do the whole move away to become a farmer thing.
Mavrick has a bunch of guitars. Once I was telling him not to tie things to the neck. This kid stopped what he was doing, looked at me with tears in his eyes, and says "FINE! Now I'll never be like Mick Jagger!". I'm not gonna lie, I'd rather that, then Keith Richards. Who am I kidding? Those dudes make bank and I'm fairly certain neither are gonna die. Ever.

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