Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mrs. Cragglewaggle

Where do funny thoughts come from? I have them all the time as I'm sure most of us do from time to time. Right now I'm blogging from my iPad that I've had for less than a year. It is cracked to all holy shit, but not to worry! My son, Mr.Fix-it, has filled the main cracks with play-doh. I swear to you, one day my child will grow up, change his name to Rick and move to the country to start up a sheep farm or something real wholesome like that. He will not have outrageous hair, he won't have a single tattoo. Shit, he will likely stop cussing all together. Regardless, I'm gonna be proud of him, I just have always imagined that being the ultimate rebellion. Just last week, he asked me to give him a "normal" haircut. Who hates mullets or Mohawks? Or the combination of the two? Now I'm just gonna start listing some of the most recent funny things I've overheard my son say. Enjoy. -I had a great dream last night- about ice cream. -ok mrs cragglewaggle. -Me and my son are gonna paint the deck purple. -how many times did I say that?? It's hard to sit here and list off things! Please feel free to post any doozies you've heard lately :)


  1. my favorite thing maverick has ever said to me was on christmas...

    me: maverick let me see your hat.
    maverick: no!
    me: why?
    maverick: thats fuckin weird!!

    followed with i like poop.

  2. I'm a genius...
    I like poop and farts.

    Mom, one day when you grow up to be a man...