Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monster Hunting

Back when I was pregnant with my son, nearly 4 years ago; I remember hoping and praying that he would be born on February 29th. How cool it would have been. I still had another month to go, and thankfully, I went to term and my precious, healthy boy was born via C-section. Labor can suck it. I was in labor for over 24 hours and for what ever reason, I went thru 3 epidurals and a spinal block. None of them worked. I'm like a fuckin elephant! Again, labor can suck it.
Yesterday, I asked Mavrick to go clean up his room. He responded, quite seriously, "This is the worst day of my entire life!". Boy oh boy is he gonna hate the rest of his life when he has things like bills, or God forbid, CHILDREN. I wonder how he will feel about all that nonsense? 
I have a vast selection of colored hairsprays. Mavrick of course is super intrigued by all things hair. On occasion, he asks to have his hair colored all kinds of crazy ways. This is always something I'm obliged to do for him. It isn't permanent for God's sake. What does it hurt? The only problem is that his scalp tends to get a bit stained from it, which makes him look like he is bleeding from the scalp. That always gets plenty of funny reactions.
The other night, He tells me "Mom, tomorrow, I'm going to hunt monsters. Don't worry. I'll be careful." I truly wish I could get into his head, just for an hour. I wonder if it would completely change my thinking? I bet I'd come out pretty enlightened.

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